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PureNature Mushroom Complete

PureNature Mushroom Complete is a robust formula that contains a variety of mushrooms with known therapeutic benefits. It contains shiitake, turkey tail, reishi, lions mane, maitake, chaga, royal sun agaricus, white button, black fungus, and Cordyceps sinensis.

Mushroom Completeis packed with 10 different types of mushrooms that:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Antiviral
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiparasitic
  • Antifungal
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Protects against free radicals
  • Protect against abnormal cell growth


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Mushrooms contain bioactive compounds and essential nutrients that support a healthy immune system[1].  Besides boosting immunity,  mushrooms also demonstrate anticholesterolemic, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties [5]. If you are looking for a natural way to fortify your body against infectious and degenerative diseases, try supplementing your diet with edible mushrooms.  

One of the major immune-modulating mushroom compounds is referred to as β-Glucan, a type of polysaccharide that is abundant in mushroom cell walls [2]. 

Consuming mushrooms triggers innate and adaptive immune responses because the human body recognizes β-Glucan from mushrooms as non-self molecules [3]. This type of immune response gives the human body protection from infectious microbes, environmental toxins, and carcinogens [2,3,4,5].

Mushrooms also contain other compounds including polysaccharopeptides, phenolic compounds, proteins, lipid components, terpenoids, and essential nutrients that promote an overall healthy body [2,5].



To supplement the amount in your diet, take 2 capsules daily. For optimal results, this should be taken approximately 20 to 30 minutes before eating with a full, eight-ounce glass of water. Follow these directions unless otherwise directed by your physician.

Does PureNature Mushroom Complete contain natural ingredients? Yes! Our formula is composed of natural ingredients from food and plant extracts. 

What is the recommended dose for PureNature Mushroom Complete? Take 2 capsules daily, 20-30 minutes before your meals with a full glass of water.

What is PureNature return policy? PureNature offers a 1-year (365 days) full refund from the date of purchase. We have a 24/7 customer service to assist our customers with any concerns. Please contact 1-888-457-6441 with any questions. 

We strive to provide our customers with safe and all-natural formulas. Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered,and all our supplements are in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All our products also carry a certificate of analysis from an independent third-party lab indicating that they are safe. We stand behind our product and assure their quality.


**Individual Results May Vary.

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